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The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook has a robust and powerful high-tech advertising targeting system

  • Facebook is still relatively cheap

  • Facebook has so much ad inventory that, depending on the kind of campaign you run, it is still very affordable compared to competing platforms like Google Adwords

  • Facebook helps you engage your customers

  • FB ads can also deliver the bottom line

    Not only can Facebook help you stay relevant with your target audience members, but you can also plug in these ads to your actual sales funnel. They can, with the right strategy and the right sales funnel design, produce conversions. These are sales. These have an actual impact on your business' profitability.

  • You can break into new markets
    Your FB campaign gets people familiar enough with your new market focus that you don't come

    off as a completely new player.

  • Facebook can drive leads

  • Facebook can boost your SEO